Love On The Brain

Love On The Brain

Love On The Brain

Love On The Brain

When a person is in love, endorphins are released and the brain will perform well at work when called upon. cardiac stimulation is engaged, which can add to the physical pleasures of the sexual experience. In sexual passion, endorphins are released which can help to give a mental jolt to the woman, and help in management of menstrual cramps. More sexual satisfaction is noted after sexual intercourse. Women that experience orgasms may have a feeling of exhaustion afterwards. It has been noted that in women that orgasm is more easily achieved and that muscular contractions within the large muscles near the cervix can have the effect of cervix uterine contractions which can help with uterine orgasms. During the act of sexual intercourse, the muscles near the cervix can have a cervix contraction, which can help the cervix to relax and go back to its normal state. These cervix contractions can also have the added benefit of helping the reproductive system to contract which can also give a nice post coital effect.

Our sexual responses come from a variety of sources, both biological and physical. The physical sexual response is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, which is connected to the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is most active when we are living our lives at the mercy of environmental stress. So if we want to channel a little of our repressed sexual energy into channeling it into a positive environmental context, we can do a lot better than channeling it through the reproductive organs. A number of techniques can be used to help get the vagina in shape, not only to take its place as the receptacle for a man’s sperm, but as a participatory aspect of love itself. All of our energy channels, whether male or female, can be used to bring about sexual pleasure and excitement.

As women become more empowered, healthier, happier and more secure in their bodies, they are no longer dependent on a furtive quickie to provide for their basic need of attention, nourishment and care-making. Instead, they can achieve sexual satisfaction as part of a committed relationship. Through commitment, both partners can attain a higher level of satisfaction which will bring about a higher level of sexual fulfillment. This is accomplished by learning about one another’s bodies, desires, sensitivities, and taboos while being respectful of the other’s boundaries.

There are many books and publish books on the subject. There has been a lot written about turning on a man, but not much has been written about turning on a woman. By investing in a book like “The 100% Loving Woman: readings about transformational relationships” you can learn a great deal about what it means to make love in ways that are deeply meaningful to the woman and the man. You will learn the relational dynamics, how to relax and how to give yourself permanent orgasmic release. But you will learn it in a way that will also encourage a spirit of playfulness, an awakened sense of fun, an innocence and vitality that comes from being true to yourself and your partner.

“There is no question of the effectiveness of this book.” saysingers, whose experience and authoritiry in the area of sex, plus the many things they have endured, gives them a special something. They agree that the book should be read widely so that everyone who wants to improve at relational repair, not just couples, can benefit from it.

Both women and men can benefit from a book like this. Women can learn to be more authoritative lovers. Men can learn how to relax in the face of disintegrating masculinity. Many relationships are doomed before the bedroom door is closed at 8 p.m. every night. It is the woman who hears the children crying in the next room. It is the man who learns that his favorite tie makes his neck weak. It is the woman who shops for sweeter bread in the refrigerator. It is the man who forgets to take out the trash today. And it is the woman who worries when her Best Man isn’t at home because she says he went home to have a “quickie”.

Get it! “Oh, it’s so boring now, not like when we were young.”

“This is so predictable. Every time, exactly the same thing. I just hate it.”

“There is just no spark.” Love On The Brain

“There is just no passion.”

“We used to have such wild sex.” Love On The Brain

“But now? Well, it’s sad. He just doesn’t have any interest in sex.”

“What is wrong with him?”

“He doesn’t seem to have any libido.”

“What? You mean we’re having sex like rabbits after 20 years together?”

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