Guillermo Haro

Guillermo Haro

Guillermo Haro

Guillermo Haro

Guillermo Haro : People often wish they got some super powers wherein they can do anything. They love to dream about having special knowledge, a bullet that will never hurt them, space ships, the right food to eat and the best clothes on. There are many stories like these, in which people want to have the impossible dream but it is only with a problem of not having enough time or resources.Guillermo Haro, on the other hand, brings hope to those who suffer from darkness and with his amazing assistance people are able to have light at the end of their days.

Guillermo Haro is a superhero who always carried a gun always on his left arm. He uses it to help others and prevents evil deeds from happening. He always carried a bag with tools and things needed for him to take care of. He is a humble man who loves to help others and always tried to help when he could. He became like this when he was a young boy.

When he was 17 he was attacked by muggers and he needed his parents help to get him to college. His father gave him a bag with tools in it and told him to carry those tools to his school. Since then, his work habits changed dramatically and he began helping others. Guillermo Haro now goes to work every day at a shelter in a different city and learns new things everyday.

Guillermo Haro’s favorite food is chicken and he always has some in his cupboard at home. He uses a lot of tools in order to take care of his responsibilities at work and at home. He is a very kind hearted man who don’t even use his hands to pick up the food that’s on his plate.

Guillermo Haro’s father gave him a gun as a present when he was young but never used it because he feared that it could be taken by muggers and criminals. That’s why Guillermo Haro always kept his gun on his desk in his office and at all times he was careful not to let anyone inspect it or look inside his bag.

Guillermo Haro used to work at a flower stand and he used to sell flowers to tourists in the town in which he lived. One day a few tourists came and he gave them a bunch of flowers as a gift and he asked them to return them the next day because he wanted some of their flowers returned too. Since he always had a gun with him, his words seems to imply that he is very cautious of his surroundings and he is always watching for trouble.

When disaster strikes, Guillermo Haro is the man to save the day. He is the man with the big gun who doesn’t mind if people who know he is going to be the one to fight for his life. In the words of the poet, Ayacucho Uche, “he who fights for the right, fights for the death of millions.”

Guillermo Haro is now dead after a long battle with cancer. When he was still alive, Guillermo Haro told his sons that he was going to be killed and they should try and make something of their lives. One of his sons replied, “But your father is dead. We have nothing to live for now.”

Another son replied, “Our father is going to be gone soon and we need our things soon.”

Guillermo Haro died on the afternoon of Saturday, September 21, 1998 in comfort at the Heroes’ Hospital in Panama.

When Guillermo Haro was still alive, the people who knew him were asked to prepare a plan of action. They gathered resources and built a hospital and a school for patients with learning disabilities. In less than a year, the school was turned into a institution that offers free education to kids with the most challenged minds.

Now, more than 200 children ranging in age from 3 to 21 are learning and enjoying a normal life at the hospital. The hospital’s Dreams Come True Club is a place where students dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, colonel, scholar, or engineer. Some of them are even already doing their best in these fields. Club members wear the clothes of the institution to support their learning.

Guillermo Haro is our idol. Because of his passion to enlighten people’s minds, his dream has been achieved to the fullest. Though we knew that Guillermo Haro rarely sees any reward for his efforts, we are sure that he is content now, a true legend of our society.

Guillermo Haro made our city a better place to live. I guess our next idol will be someone who really needs no introduction.

By: Or Tucson, Arizona.

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